Haematological and biochemical parameters of weaned piglets fed on fodder mixture contaminated by Zearalenone with the addition of clinoptilolite

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of zeolite (clinoptilolite - CLIN) on some metabolic parameters in blood serum and haematological values in weaned piglets fed with increased levels of zearalenone (ZEN) was investigated over a 14-day period.
  • Animals
  • The research involved four groups of weaned piglets aged 40 to 54 days. All groups were fed on fodder mixture for growing pigs containing 20% crude protein and 12.57 MJ ME/kg.
    • The first control group (C1) received a concentrate mixture without addition of ZEN or mycotoxin adsorbent MINAZEL PLUS®.
    • The second control group (C2) was fed on fodder mixture containing 0.2% of modified zeolite(MINAZEL PLUS®; levels of zearalenone <5.1 ng/g).<5,1 ng/g).
    • Piglets in thefirst experimental group (E1) were fed on fodder mixture containing added zearalenone (3 mg/ kg) (Sigma-Aldrich Co) and 0.2% of MINAZEL PLUS® preparation.
    • The second experimental group (E2) was fed on fodder mixture to which 3 mg/kg of zearalenone was added, but with no addition of MINAZEL PLUS®.


    Oestrogenic effect of ZEN and Insulin resulted in synergistic action which was demonstrated by an increased total protein level, lower level of glucose, triacylglycerols, serum iron, a higher level of cholesterol and higher amino transaminase activity.


The metabolic anti oestrogen effect of ZEN was established in group E2, whereas group E1 manifested the agonistic effect due to oestrogen reduction by modified zeolite.

Šperanda Marcela1, Liker B.2, Šperanda T.1, Šerić V.3, Antunović Z1, Grabarević Ž.4, Senčić D.1, Grgurić D.5 y Steiner Z.1

1Faculty of Agriculture, Osijek, Croatia; 2Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb (Croatia); 3 Clinical Hospital Osijek (Croatia); 4Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb (Croatia) and 5Centar for Livestock Improvement, Osijek
Micotoxicosis prevention
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