The effects of natural zeolite fed through feed and water on growth and performance of Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum)

The influence of zeolite type “MINAZEL” was researched, as a feed additive for trout, which is applied at 0.1% was studied as a feed additive for trout. The influence of zeolite, type “Ambizel-V”, was also studied as a corrector of environmental conditions on growth and performance of Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum).
The research was carried out on 9816 fish (aged 1+) divided into two groups with 4908 fish in each pool for a period of 150 days.
The experimental fish group O-I was fed with pellets which contained 1% zeolite and with simultaneously implement of “Ambizel-V” in the water of the experimental pool.
It is consolidated that zeolite ( “MINAZEL” ), as a feed additive, had a positive effect on all analysed morphometrical index of:
  • Speed of fish growth
  • Final weight (p < 0,01)
  • Final length measures (p < 0,05)
  • Growth increase (p < 0,01)
The stimulating effect of “MINAZEL” has been demonstrated in the daily feed consumption (3.102%; 2.24%) and feed conversion ratio VSM and nutrition (-13.62%; -14.78%).
Based on obtained research results it can be concluded that zeolite “Ambizel-V” proved itself as reliable corrector of environmental conditions in experimental pool, because it led to slight decrease of numerical values of: total water hardness (8,54o dH); nitrate (1,22 mg/l); ammonia NH3 (0.0 mg/l).
Obradović S.1, Adamović M.2, Vukašinović M.3, Jovanocić R.1 y Levic J.4
1Institute for Science Application in Agriculture - Belgrade
2Institute for Nuclear and Mineral Row Materials Technology - Belgrade
3Veterinary Specialist’s Institute - Kraljevo
4University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad, Serbia
Micotoxicosis prevention
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