The effect of natural zeolite

on fattening lamb’s production results



To study the effects of a MINAZEL based preparation on production results of fattening lambs.


The experiment was performed on two groups of lambs (control – K and experimental -O), with 20 animals per group for 90 days.

  • ⇰ Control group (K): received a diet consisting of sheep milk, a compound mix for fattening lambs, and meadow hay.
  • ⇰ Experimental group (O): received a MINAZEL preparation.

The preparation of MINAZEL S (in the form a 25% suspension) was administered to the lambs after birth until the 14th day of age, directly in the mouth, daily before the morning meal (10 ml).

Later on, from the 15th day MINAZEL PLUS was administered through the fodder mix (0,5%) fed ad libitum.


  • The average starting lamb body weight was 4.10 kg, and at the end of the experiment, it was 24.50 kg in the control group and 28.10 kg in the experimental group.
  • The daily growth of the lambs during the experiment was 40g (11.76%) higher in the experimental group.
  • The experimental group had better utilization of dry matter, proteins and energy, with a lowered incidence of diarrhea.


The use of preparation based on natural zeolite (MINAZEL S and MINAZEL PLUS) had a positive influence on the production parameters of fattening lambs.


J. Stojković, M. Adamović, J. Lemić, B. Jašovic – Institute for Technology of Nuclear and other Mineral Raw Materials (ITNMS), Belgrade, Serbia


Biotechnology in animal husbandry, 21 (5-6). p 49-52, 2005

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